Vehicle Customization

In our laboratories we have created, in over 35 years of activity, various vehicle customizations, with tailored interventions in response to the specific needs of each customer.

Among the productions that represent our “flagship”, we remember the Pope Mobile used by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of the visit to the earthquake victims of L’Aquila and Abruzzo in April 2009.

The special Fiat Ducato, made to measure, brought the Holy Father to the tent of Onna, accompanied him to the Basilica of Collemaggio and the ruins of the Casa dello Studente, to the School of the Guardia di Finanza in Coppito.

The vehicle was built, specifically for the occasion, in one of the establishments symbol of that region hit by the earthquake, that of Val di Sangro, a hundred kilometers from the capital of

White in color, it presented the insignia of the National Civil Protection outside.

The artisans of Gastaldi Automotive have made all the interior fittings, in white leather, taking care of each seat, including the five backs arranged in the living room. For better rear visibility, the Ducato has also been equipped with cameras, and special security systems have been installed to protect the Pope.

Another interesting challenge for our laboratories was represented by the customization of the Overland World Truck Expedition, the famous series of documentary expeditions around the world, promoted and organized by Beppe Tenti, also Unicef spokesperson.

For the famous orange trucks we have taken care of the various aspects related to the interior comfort: from the seats, made ad hoc and branded, to the internal bunks, where the Overland team
members slept and spent their rest periods. An exhibition designed for the company Mussa & Graziano, which allowed us to test the results of our work even in the most remote areas of the
planet and in often extreme conditions.

In sports, however, we provide custom tailored racing seats (on behalf of Sabelt) to the most prestigious car manufacturers and their drivers, among our customers, even the best teams that participate successfully in the World Rally Championship.

We also take care of the interior fittings of buses and minibuses. We transform the standard seats – supplied by the manufacturers and installed by default on the various vehicles – according to the needs of personalization (also in terms of color or specific fabrics) by each customer.

Finally, our knowledge of the internal customization of means of transport is now also applied to the nautical sector (motorboats, yachts, etc.).

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