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Gastaldi Automotive realizes the entire “racing” range of the Sabelt racing seats, a leading company in the global market for the development of racing car equipment.

Sabelt – with offices in Italy and the United States – is a reality that since 1972 sets the standards in the automotive world. Its seats have accompanied for decades and still accompany the biggest Formula One Top Drivers.

Designed, tested and tested in the largest motorsport competitions, the Sabelt seats meet the needs of those looking for a product with a sporty character, in a mix of comfort and design and
great attention to detail.

The racing range is designed to meet the needs of the greatest teams in the world (rallies and not only), the best drivers and those who set up their racing cars.

Each seat combines the best in the world in terms of technology and innovation, with a contemporary look and a 100% Italian design.

Ergonomics, cutting-edge materials and high driving performance are the main characteristics of these products, ideal solutions for high-end vehicles.

To realize them, the laboratories of Gastaldi Automotive field decades of know-how and their best workers, guaranteeing a result resulting from the encounter between the artisan experience and high-tech machinery.

Processing begins with a tailor-made production facility that allows the cutting of fabrics starting from roll material.

Then we proceed with sewing and saddling, “dressing” a pre-printed body with the fabric now shaped lining.

Special inserts of expanded polyurethane, added manually, guarantee the necessary softness and the right comfort for those who will be behind the wheel.

Each seat also presents, depending on the points, different types of fabric: more resistant, more breathable, more elastic, etc.

In addition to the Sabelt racing range, our laboratories have also created racing seats or “first system” seats for the world’s biggest car brands. Today the production has also expanded to the
realization of ergonomic seats for the sports sector, with the creation of “benches” for soccer used by several teams of the French league.

Sabelt Seats

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