Car Internal Elements

The over thirty years of experience of the Gastaldi Automotive artisans is linked above all to the
creation of a wide profile of elements of internal components of the cars.

In particular, our laboratories have been providing, exclusively since 1983, one of the most visible elements in the Ferrari cockpit: the pantine (wings) sunshade.

Studied internally in the company, then designed together with the Prancing Horse designers and tested on the Maranello slopes, the “made in Gastaldi” panty are entirely handmade by artisans with proven experience, supported by the use of high-tech machinery.

To make the difference, however, is the “know” (human know-how), combined with attention to detail and in-depth verification of each piece packaged.

The result is a work of excellent quality, studied in detail to always be free of defects and at the top of the category. For this reason, every single Ferrari car that goes down the street or on the track which has been synonymous with performance for 35 years at the world top.

A delicate and meticulous process – which involves the selection and verification of the leather, the cut, the stitching (automatic and / or manual) and the assembly of the various components,
including technology, which make up the sunshade – creates handmade artifacts according to a unique method, the result of many decades of work.

The whole is also always accompanied by various phases of strict control and testing of the products made, so as to ensure the quality of the Maranello brand is synonymous around the world.

Also for the Prancing Horse, on some models (including LaFerrari), we have also created the handles of hold, covered in alcantara, and the coverings of the drawer for objects in the inner tunnel, combined with the handles.

For some historic Maranello cars, including the Ferrari Testarossa, we also dealt with the door panels.

Our craftsmanship for the car interior elements, however, is not limited to the exclusive production for Ferrari, but also includes high quality products made for all the major automotive brands
worldwide and for local companies: from paneling of components for dashboard to interior panels doors, belt loops (especially for cars in racing configuration) and passenger transport grab bars, such as mini-buses and buses.

the pantine (wings) sunshade

what we have been doing for over 30 years

the seats

what we have been doing for over 30 years

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