The Seam

Once the leather has been selected, cut and thinned, the seaming phase begins, carried out by
artisans with many years of experience, who use precision industrial machinery.

All the leather coming from the first processing phase is first subdivided according to the type of vehicle on which the internal component (sunshade pant or other) will be installed, and by color, so as to allow the creation of multiple outfits, according to the indications of the client.

At the disposal of the sewing department there is also a wide range of yarns – all of excellent quality and tested for maximum strength – which allows further customization on a chromatic basis
of the sun visors or other items for the internal components of the vehicles.

The choice of combinations (leather, thread, fabric, etc.) is at the complete discretion of the customer, for an absolute personalization of the product.


The stitching phase foresees two macro-workings: the composition of the pantina, starting from the semi-finished ones, and the final closure of the final product. At the end, a check is carried out with manual testing, individually testing each product before passing it to the third and final processing phase: the saddling.

Several processes of Gastaldi Automotive laboratories are still carried out entirely by hand, to guarantee the best result both from an aesthetic and qualitative point of view. Furthermore, the
manual stitching allows to realize some special details – for example in the definition of the interior of the sun visor – not accessible otherwise using only sewing machines.
Even the automatic processing, however, requires the presence and professionalism of a craftsman sewing: there are, in fact, machines that can completely finish automatically, providing
products of excellent quality.

At the end of each seam, moreover, the thread is always tied by hand, with a punctual check of each piece before it is passed to the saddling department.

Our specialized operators, therefore, have developed a refined manual technique to accompany each component inside the stapler, so as to allow the stitching point to be positioned at the correct distance, with the utmost precision and to guarantee perfection.
All the products that come out of the Gastaldi Automotive laboratories are in fact made to measure and tailor-made, to guarantee the highest quality and uniqueness.
An accurate planning – supervised by the production network inside the company – also allows to follow every single phase of the project, for each component, according to the ISO9001 quality
procedures (fundamental requirement for being a Ferrari Auto supplier).

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