The Saddling

Once the sewing operations have been completed -manual or with technological supports- craftsman operator is in charge of the “saddling”, ie the assembly of the leather, already cut and sewn, on the internal support of the sunshade.

This support, also created within the Gastaldi Automotive laboratories, is guaranteed to comply with the safety criteria required by law.

The intervention and experience of our artisans allow in fact to eliminate any visual imperfection, even if minimal, with a maniacal attention to detail.

When the structure of the pantina is ready – and the interior has been coupled with the exterior in leather – proceed to mount the frame, necessary to support the entire structure.

This frame, moreover, is able to accommodate inside mirrors, pockets and even small electrical circuits, chips and cables, necessary to install, for example, an LED lighting system with automatic ignition.

At this stage the right traction of the skin is necessary, so that the final product remains perfectly realized, without any defect neither on the aesthetic nor on the functional level.

The addition of a padding allows to reach the right thickness of the pantina, before being able to move on to the final stitching and closing phase of the flap and the subsequent assembly of
the articulation unit.

The used material is guaranteed fireproof and of primary quality; the yarns are resistant to tearing.

When the finished product is ready and leaves the production cycle, a rigorous testing procedure is activated, necessary to verify the seal and the precision of the seams as well as the operation of any electronic devices mounted inside the sun visor (ex. tests of switching on and off the LEDs), but also the absence of aesthetic and noise defects in the movement of the product.

At the end, each product is individually tested to guarantee the highest quality, in line with our customers' standards.

After a last phase of phoning and cleaning of the product, the “made in Gastaldi” sunshade can then be finally packed and sent to Ferrari Auto, where in the Maranello workshops it will be assembled on the Prancing Horse cars to guarantee quality, luxury, performance and emotions to those who will lead the Myth of Italian and world motoring.

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