The Cutting

Gastaldi Automotive’s artisans realize exclusive products for Ferrari Auto, working the best hides
supplied to them directly by Cavallino Rampante’s suppliers.

It’s about the highest quality hides and 100% of natural origin, treated and colored in order to
guarantee a final result of absolute excellence, great resistance and long life.

Before proceeding to cutting operations – laser or mechanical ones- essential for the car interior
components, there are some fundamental preliminary operations which are carefully done every
time in Gastaldi Automotive’s workshops.
It starts from the selection and the trial of the best example leather, result of a preliminary
deepened knowledge of the product but also of a manual inspection by the personal in charge,
specifically assembled and supported by many years of experience in this field.

Cutting machine

First of all, the leather is extended, in order to consent operators the individuation of eventual flaws
(for example: veining, scars, of tiny leaks, inevitably on natural leather) in order to exclude from
production the imperfect parts.

In this verifying phase of appearance conformity, it’s realized a accurate visual and tactile on every single squared centimeter of the leather surface: the initial control fundamental in order to achieve an excellent hight quality final product.

Progressively, leather is transferred and laid down on a high technology machine for the cutting.
The operator identifies the flawless areas and he realizes on it the projection of the necessary
components models, occupying of the correct positioning of the outlines.
The cutting takes place automatically, with a blade.
A further visual check, at the end, allows to eliminate from the production process any parts that
show breakages or non-conformities with respect to the reference sample
If the leather, at the end of this first process, is too thick, it is possible to reduce its thickness
through the so-called “splitting” of the leather.

Tailor-made cutting operations are also carried out on Alcantara, on the padding and any other materials necessary for the internal coating of the components.

At the end of the operation, the thickness is checked again by the use of a professional thickness
gauge, to ensure compliance with the required quality standards.
Another machine supplied to Gastaldi Automotive laboratories, on the other hand, allows any hot
impression of the desired company logo or brand.

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