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Every single work of Gastaldi Automotive brings with it the history and experience of many decades of work in the automotive field, in close contact with the biggest and most famous brands
in the sector worldwide.

The origins of our company Рbased in Sanfr̬ (Cuneo) Рdate back to 1982, when the sisters Catterina and Maria Giovanna Reviglio acquire the shares of the company for which they work as
employees – already specialized in stitching and coatings for the Automotive sector – and damage life at the Reviglio Autoselleria.

The company represents a virtuous example of female artisan entrepreneurship, and as such it will also be awarded in 1995, now established in its sector at national and local level.

In 1983 Antonio Gastaldi, son of Catterina, joined the company as an apprentice, thus starting his long professional career, always driven by a great passion for the automotive industry.

In January 2008 Antonio, together with his wife Michela Manissero, gave life to GastaldiAutomotive, which today is a leader in its production for high-end vehicles and specialized in the
restoration of historic cars.

Gastaldi Automotive is the official supplier of Ferrari Auto, the prestigious Italian car brand based in Maranello (Modena) and famous throughout the world for its cars.

A partnership started in 1983, when the company was asked to create the interior panels of the doors of the legendary Testarossa, and since then never interrupted.

Becoming part of the Podio Ferrari means distinguishing itself in terms of excellence, technology, innovation, development and competitiveness among the suppliers of the Maranello company.

In 2013 Gastaldi Automotive was awarded the Podio Ferrari award, an annual event reserved for the world’s top suppliers of the Prancing Horse home, in the presence of the president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the managing director Amedeo Felisa, of the team principal of Scuderia Ferrari Stefano Domenicali and drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.

Throughout its history, Gastaldi Automotive has collaborated with the world’s biggest automotive brands and their suppliers of internal components, becoming a full member of the Italian
automotive industry, working primarily with the leading companies in the sector present at Turin and Piedmont.

Today the company has 14 employees, in addition to the owners, all with a very high degree of professional specialization.

It is ISO9001 certified, an international brand that guarantees compliance with quality standards in work procedures.


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