Historical Car Restoration

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In Gastaldi Automotive – the result of our over ten years’ experience (over 35 years) in the field of top-of-the-range vehicle components and equipment, as well as an innate passion for the automotive world, we are now able to guarantee our customers a high quality service related to the restoration of historic cars.

Entrust your old car to Gastaldi Automotive means to put it in expert hands and safe, with the guarantee that every single detail will be studied with the utmost professionalism and care that is due to cars that have written the story – if not the legend – of the world automotive panorama and have been active protagonists of the twentieth century, from an economic, technical and social point of view.

All the restorations are performed by us in full respect of the original characteristics of each vehicle, in full compliance with the ASI criteria – Italian Historic Automotoclub, the Association that
certifies and guarantees the historical cars in Italy, institutionally representing the national historical motorism at national level and international.

The recovery of each vehicle is taken care of individually by our experts, supported by the ability of the Gastaldi Automotive artisans, who work every day in contact with the most famous car manufacturers in the world.

We work with the utmost attention to every detail to bring back the historical cars “as they were” in the original projects.
We consider each aspect: from the choice of coverings (leathers, fabrics) and internal elements to be replaced, strictly according to the characteristics of each model, up to the choice of colors,
within the specific range referred to the different cars, following the choices design and construction of the original company.

We accompany our client in every single step, providing advice for each choice or decision to be made.

Our restorers are able to search for original components and spare parts, knowing the best suppliers available on the national and international scene.

If an element is now unavailable, or out of the market, Gastaldi Automotive’s artisan experience allows you to recreate ad hoc any aspect, in maximum compliance with the original and using the
same criteria with which the cars were designed and built at the time

The covers are all in guaranteed leather, and there are no leather-like parts, unless this is explicitly requested by the customer or for the need to maintain the originality of the car.

Fabrics and leathers are ASI approved and certified by our suppliers: in both cases, these are top quality materials.
In the case of leather, we guarantee its great resistance to light and rubbing and to UV rays; as far as the hood or awnings are concerned, the canvases and the faux leathers are guaranteed for atmospheric agents and marine adversities. The coatings are coupled with fireproof material; the yarns are of excellent quality and resistant to tearing; enrichment seams are made with thicker yarns and we use a special sealant for the folding tops.

At the end of the restoration, we issue to the customer a personalized Warranty Certificate, valid for two years, with all the details of the intervention carried out on his car.
We know what it means to own a historical car. We fully understand the meaning of the word “passion” linked to the world of engines.

We work for years at the highest levels, with the best artisans in the industry. With us, your vehicle can return to the splendor of when, for the first time, it came into contact with
the asphalt many years ago.


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